• Welcome to Makoti Online Application

    Kindly upload the following documents relevant to you (.pdf, .docx, .png, .jpeg, .jpg):

    1. ID copy for the main member.

    2. Certificate of membership from previous medical aid/s for all beneficiaries.

    3. Proof of banking details (confirmation letter/not older than 3 months' bank statement).

    4. A marriage certificate: should you not be married in court, an affidavit is required explaining the type of marriage and period of marriage.

    5. Child (under 21): birth certificate/s.

    6. Child dependant surname differs from main member (under 21): birth certificate and an affidavit explaining why the dependant surname differs.

    7. Child dependant (over 21): birth certificate/ID copy; student letter confirmation from a certified institution for the current year and to be supplied yearly thereafter; affidavit confirming financial dependency upon the main member; and residence of the dependant.

    8. Foster/adopted children: birth certificate/ID copy; foster documentation/adoption documentation.

    9. Disabled child dependant: Birth certificate/ID copy; medical report.

    10. Banking details and proof of banking details should a third party be responsible for paying contributions: fully completed 3rd party consent form.